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Motivation is a key element in our daily lives. It is what drives us, influences us, and keeps us going. Without motivation, we would never be able to accomplish anything in life. It is no different in the business world. Motivation keeps employees focused and goal oriented, resulting in a thriving business. Motivated employees lead to increased productivity and are able to achieve higher levels of output. Employee motivation is a critical aspect at the workplace which leads to the better performance. Thus employee motivation ought to be a regular practice in society in general and in corporate world in particular.

Benefits of Motivational Sessions for Employees:

  • Inspiration and Drive: One of the biggest reasons to hire a motivational speaker is to give employees a fresh perspective, inspire them and boost overall morale.
  • Knowledge and Skill: Motivational speaker can encourage employees to upgrade their knowledge base and adopt additional skills for increased productivity.
  • New Perspectives: Motivational speaker can help the employees create new ideas and implement them with fresh perspective besides supporting changes in the current processes and system.
  • Employee Development: Motivational Speaker can facilitate the self-development of an employee. Success at the initial goals establishes the link between effort and outcome, thus motivating an employee to continue with heightened fervor.
  • Increased Commitment: A Motivational Speaker can encourage the employees to put in their best efforts in fulfilling the tasks assigned to them, thus increasing their job satisfaction.

Motivational speakers help employees regain their lost dynamism and stimulus. Through their enthusiastic speeches and related activities, they ignite hope and renew trust among the employees. Motivational speakers can boost morale, productivity, and teamwork. Thus inspiration is well worth the time and investment, as there are many long-term inherent benefits for the company and the employees.

Sohan Pal Yadav:

Mr Sohan Pal Yadav has completed his Masters and is an LLB Graduate. He is having more than a decade corporate and green field work experience with Reliance Industries and Suzuki Motors. With Reliance Industries, he has served at three different locations – Reliance Patalganga, Maharashtra, Personal Security of Mr. Mukesh Ambani and Jamnagar J3 Project. Of the 12 years of experience, his last 6 years have been focused on learning and development for the Companies, especially motivating fresher’s/trainees.

Learning and Development Experience:

In Reliance Industries, he has experience of over 50,000 man hours, providing training and motivation sessions to managers, GETs, Supervisory staff of MOU Contractors and workers. With Suzuki Motors, he has experience of over 6,000 man hours in motivation and training of FTC, DAT and Contractual employees.

Skills and Expertise:

  • 10+ years of corporate and manufacturing experience
  • Professional motivator
  • Multi-lingual communication skills
  • Experienced in organization integration and socialization sessions for large multinationals
  • Simple and effective communication style
  • Effective and instant audience connect
  • Experienced with large and diverse age groups
  • Illustrative training methodology

Mission & Vision

My mission is to motivate people, make them aware of their infinite power.
A clear vision for the future is essential for a successful human to reach great heights.

Training Modules:

Success Stories

Reliance Industries Limited J3 Project Jamnagar

  • Key Issue faced by Management: In the initial phase of the project in July 2014, during emergency cases such as worksite incident, the workforce was involved in destructive behavior – stone pelting, damaging the ambulance and strikes. There was great mistrust towards the management, with management being perceived as neither caring for the injured person after the incident nor providing any support.
  • Intervention: Through Kamgar Mitarata Abhiyan, mass briefing of workers, in group of 250 to 300, was started and workers were made aware of the management systems and policies for worker rights and safeguarding and the negative consequences of non-cooperation during emergency situations.
  • Key Outcomes: After 2 months of launching the intervention, a tremendous positive change was observed in the workforce during emergency and during routine functions as well. Workers started following the rules and regulations of the company, positive support was given during emergency situations at the site and general good practices started to be followed.

Suzuki Motor Gujarat Hansalpur Ahmedabad Car Manufacturing Plant

  • Key Issue faced by Management: A heavy attrition rate was there of FTC (Fix Term Contract Blue Collar Employees), where in most of the cases, the fresher’s were going back to their home towns during their very first week of joining the company and some of them in between the tenure.
  • Intervention: Motivational training was started for new recruits. They were informed about the organization and its working. The fresher’s were explained about the future and the impact they can make while working with Suzuki and the array of opportunities available for them after completing their contracts. The impact of leaving a job in mid-tenure was also explained to them.
  • Key Outcomes: The FTC employees realized the importance of that job and a sense of pride grew in them for being a part of the India’s largest car manufacturing company. They started completing their 7 month tenures and left on positive notes with fruitful experience and better future prospects.

Motivation Training Benefits

Organisation Benefits:

  • Improve workforce morale
  • Improve Manager-Subordinate relationships
  • Better workforce relationships
  • Happiness and harmony amongst the staff
  • Better productivity per employee

Employee Benefits:

  • Increase motivation, job satisfaction, loyalty and productivity
  • Better organizational communication and improved relationships
  • Self-development and self-confidence
  • Better stress and conflict management
  • Positive attitude
  • Prepare, learn and grow to take future responsibilities
  • Help to achieve personal goals

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